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Title: I've Shown You Everything; Give Me A Sign
Fandom/Characters: Sherlock, Sherlock/John (slash fo' sho')
Rated: R (the opening scene pretty much sets a certain tone)
Word count: 3900+
Spoilers: s1 and s2
Follows in the footsteps of: Waltzing Along and Getting Away With It (All Messed Up)
Summary: In which John's sexual crisis takes a back seat to John's emotional post-Fall crisis which is set off by Sherlock (unsurprisingly) heading off without John for the day.

Notes: Sorta Brit-picked (thanks, person at AO3 who reminded me about "trousers" vs "pants"). Not particularly beta'ed (too impatient for that).

Title, as always, from a James song; someday I'll brainwash SOMEONE into making a vid...

And this should have been the one featuring 'Laid'...Collapse )
Title: I Locked You Out; You Cut A Hole In The Wall
Fandom/Characters: Sherlock, Sherlock/John (and this time, the slash is, like, for-real slash)
Rated: R (for the usual--vomiting, snuggling, hands on things and stuff)
Word count: 2770+
Spoilers: s1 and s2
Summary: Following I Locked You Out; You Cut A Hole In The Wall, John and Sherlock sharing a bed in three acts: one time it's Sherlock's request as a patient; one time it's Sherlock's suggestion after a scare; and one time, it's the two of them coming home again.

("Lost" scenes from "A Scandal in Belgravia" and "The Hounds of Baskerville," then post-Reichenbach)

Notes: Once again not Brit-picked; not beta'ed either, since I was feeling impatient.

Chapter title from the James song "Laid." This time, the song has relevance...sexy relevance...

Bed sharing in three acts...Collapse )
Title: I Locked You Out; You Cut A Hole In The Wall
Fandom/Characters: Sherlock, John Watson & Sherlock Holmes (again, more than an ampersand... more than an ampersand to me...)
Rated: PG-13 (some "language" and a mention of self-gratification, but not much else)
Word count: 3550+
Spoilers: s1 (it's set in some vague in-between of s1 and s2)
Summary: Sherlock would like to know John's fantasy; John offers up something unexpected but easily accomplished.

And it's not about sex. Maybe.

Notes: Not Brit-picked, thought I tried to use what little I remembered of London's geography from a few school trips and research it out a bit.

Title from the James song (NOT Matt Nathanson, I don't care how adorbs he is...) (and yes, I can't stop pairing James with Sherlock, but it works, right?)

For a song titled 'Laid', no actual sex takes place; my apologies...Collapse )
Title: Getting Away With It (All Messed Up)
Fandom/Characters: Sherlock, John Watson/Sherlock Holmes (the ampersand becomes more or less a slash, though...)
Rated: PG-13 (some "language," sexual implications, no dirty deeds (done dirt cheap))
Word count: 2600+
Spoilers: s2 (it is a post-Reichenbach, after all)
Summary: from my AO3 summary: Sherlock and John begin to sort themselves out after Sherlock's return, which involves pitching cell phones, multiple invasions of privacy, and pulse-taking at 3 AM.

Needless to say, things are more messed up than even before Reichenbach.

To paraphrase Lydia Bennet, I've created a hideous hat, but I'm pulling it to pieces to see if I can make something better of it. So I'm posting this as a series as I fiddle around and move things and rewrite.

Title from the James song; not Brit-picked, though two folks "beta'ed" and made no changes, because I'm perfect

As the lyrics in the song go, 'He was all but drowning/now they live like dolphins.' Very repressed dolphins...Collapse )
Title: Waltzing Along
Fandom/Characters: Sherlock, John Watson & Sherlock Holmes (more than an ampersand if you dig for it...)
Rated: PG-13 (some "language," but not much else)
Word count: 6700+
Spoilers: s2 (it is a post-Reichenbach, after all)
Summary: one in an already long, long, long line of post-Reichenbach fics, but I really needed to get it out of my system: vignettes from a year in the life of John Watson, not very dramatic, kind of mundane...but always full of Sherlock. A little tiny nod to the Conan Doyle canon, plus! John grows a beard.

Title from the James song (and I really wish someone would make a vid set to this...)

And here it is...Collapse )
Title: The Roar of the Greasepaint
Fandom/Characters: Glee, Kurt/Karofsky
For: Tron Porn Battle XII
Prompt: dressing room
Rated: R
Word count: 2000+
Spoilers: all of season two
Summary: the summer before college, the night before the last performance of a community theater production of "The Secret Garden," Dave and Kurt have a moment or two together in the dressing room and a-well, a-well-a huh tell me more tell me more did they get very far (answer: yes)...

I have to give all the exposition before getting to the tron...Collapse )
Title: Pay No Attention to the Men Behind the Curtain
Fandom/Characters: Glee, Kurt/Karofsky
For: Tron Porn Battle XII
Prompt: curtains
Rated: R
Word count: 1,500+
Spoilers: all of season two
Summary: In order to escape the Mullet Squad, Kurt and Dave find themselves onstage, in the dark and then tron pr0n, you know, junk...

If you look, there's metaphors for being in and out of the closet hooray!Collapse )
Title: Okay By Me in Lima, Ohio, America
Fandom: Glee
Pairing/Characters: Santana & Karofsky
Rating: PG-13 for sweaaaaaring
Word Count: 1280+
Spoilers: Yup, through season 2 (I'm too lazy to make this sort of thing specific)...

Visit dollsome's super fun Yay for Friendship! Comment Ficathon for it!

the yay for friendship! comment ficathon
21 June 2011 @ 10:05 pm
Title: Watch Him Unpack
Fandom: LOCI
Pairing/Characters: Goren/Eames
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2750
Spoilers: yes, through all seasons
In case you need a memory jog: Mulrooney was the post-Joe almost-affair from "Lady's Man" who turned out to be a cross-dressing killer (and in whom Goren was inordinately interested, what with Eames drinking bourbon and being vulnerable and sad and why wasn't he there to meet Eames then instead of as his PARTNER).

But the last one I had who was getting my hopes up
I might've been a little fast to dismiss
I think he let me down, when he didn't disappoint me
He didn't always guess right, but he usually got my gist

--Fiona Apple, “Get Him Back”

And it goes from there...Collapse )
Title: We Three Queens
Fandom: Glee
Pairing/Characters: No real pairings, even if Santana and Dave kiss once... twice now (well, I suppose there is some implied upgrade-to-definite not-just-tension between Dave and Kurt)
Rating: PG-13 (hardly any swearing even...but oops, forgot about the word "blowjob")
Word Count: 8300+ now
Spoilers: yes, for season 2--events take place between "Prom Queen" and into "Funeral" (I even messed with the "Funeral" timeline a little--the magic of fanfic! It's transformative!)
Summary: Look, I don't know: the moment Santana and Dave appeared together with Kurt and Blaine, I was so excited, and the beard storyline hardly got enough play--I can't remember the last time I laughed as hard at Glee as I did when Santana and Dave had their exchange over their Bully Whip walkie-talkies. And I love when Kurt is thoughtful and full of good intentions but also infuriating and sassy. And the idea of the three of those teenagers trying to start a PFLAG chapter was great and it'll probably be forgotten next season. But I wanted to enjoy the subtly shifting alliances that happen when three people are together, and most of all, I wanted to be Santana and be sharply observant and mean about some of the goings-on.

Dumb! But I'm purging so I can hopefully get to writing a LOCI blah before it goes off the air.

Sadly, I want to make it even longer and who cares, right?Collapse )

Don't say a prayer for me now/save it 'til the morning afterCollapse )